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Facilities and Capacity

        Hamilton is perfectly situated in
        the goldilocks zone for health

        innovation; large enough to make
        a global impact, but small enough                                                          10.4 Million
                                                                                                   Sq. Ft of Facilities Space
        to allow for ample collaboration,
        relationship building, and
        access to resources across the
        cluster. Hamilton has significant
        life sciences-specific facilities                        2.8 Million
        capacity: with 10.4 million square                       Sq. Ft Under Development          1.4 Million
        feet of building infrastructure,                                                           Sq. Ft Total Lab Space

        of which 1.4 million square
        feet of laboratory space where                        Hamilton’s Life Science Capacity Key Features
        experiments are performed and
        discoveries are made.                                       TOTAL BUILDING SPACE:
                                                                    10,432,925 sq ft

                                                                    TOTAL LABORATORY CAPACITY:
                                                                    1,386,074 sq ft

                                                                    • Clinical lab space: 192,679 sq ft
                                                                       • Classroom lab space: 515,471 sq ft

                                                                       • Research lab space: 677,924 sq ft

                                                                                             Clinical  Classroom  Research
                                                                                            Lab Space  Lab Space  Lab Space

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