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Hospital Capacity

        Hamilton is a regional
        centre for health care
        and professional training,                                                  254,385 Number of Emergency Room Visits
        possessing two large research
        hospital networks in Hamilton            97,433 Number of Patient Admissions
        Health Sciences (HHS) and St.
        Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton                                                  2,132 Number of Hospital Beds
        (St. Joe’s).
                                                 52,878 Number of Surgeries Performed
        HHS is the second largest
        research hospital in Ontario,
        serving more than 2.3 million
        residents in Hamilton and
        the surrounding regions.
        HHS has specialized
        expertise in the areas of
        cardiovascular, stroke,
        burns, trauma, neurosurgery,
        pediatrics, digestive
        diseases high-risk obstetrics,
        cancer, orthopedics, and
        rehabilitation services.

        St. Joe’s has a national
        reputation for outstanding
        patient care and innovative
        medical and surgical
        treatments and is particularly
        well known for excellence in
        respiratory care, kidney and
        urinary care, mental health
        and addictions, surgical
        services, cancer surgery, and
        women’s and infants’ care.

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