Page 14 - Synapse Survey 2021
P. 14

Funding Life Sciences

        In 2021 Innovation Factory launched
        the Southern Ontario Pharmaceutical &

        Health Innovation Ecosystem (SOPHIE),
        a $13+ million program leveraging a
        $6 million investment from Canada’s
        Federal Economic Development Agency
        for Southern Ontario (FedDev).

        Working alongside members of the                           $1 BILLION
        Synapse Consortium, SOPHIE will

        support collaborative projects between
        private Ontario-based life science
        firms, and Hamilton’s major academic
        or clinical institutions to catalyze life
        science innovation in Ontario. Hamilton,
        and Innovation Factory, were the
        beneficiary of this investment given the
        recent growth and promising outlook for

        the life science sector in the region.                  In the previous year, Hamilton’s public                                academic and hospital institutions secured
                                                                a total of $461.8 million in funding. In

                                                                addition to this, $623.9 million was raised

                                                                by Hamilton’s private life science cluster
                                                                organizations in the previous five years.

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